A 3-step press quality making all the difference.


The first step consists in cold pressing the kernels. By doing so, the extracted oil retains its vitamin E content.

To press argan oil for food use, the kernels are lightly grilled for a few seconds on a toaster, which gives the final product an amber colour and a great taste. A slow mechanical press then crushes the kernels to extract pure oil.

To press argan oil for cosmetic use or natural argan oil, the kernels are directly pressed and the oil’s colour remains bright yellow and translucent.

The second step is stabilisation. It will enable the argan oil to get rid of eventual suspended wax. It is stored for a few days in a stainless steel tank. The wax linked to the kernel’s texture falls at the bottom of the tanks.

The third step is the filtration happening naturally thanks to filters made of paper. The final product obtained is clear free of any impurities.

Conditionnement huile d'argan Absim-Awargan


After collecting samples directly from the tanks, analysing the final product (peroxide index, fatty acids) and EACCE approval, the organic argan oil is packaged in new 207 litters barrels or new 1000 litters IBCs and identified by batch produced in one pressing.

The bottles for food use are packaged with a mechanical bottling machine and a labelling machine. They enable the production of various pallets per day in accordance with market needs.

Then, according to our customers’ requirement, detailed analyses are carried out by official laboratories approved by the COFRAC in Europe to check for the absence of pesticides or phthalates.