Our partnership with local Moroccan authorities, the EACCE, the ANSSA and Bureau Veritas guarantees you a full traceability.

Quality assurance: we also work with European monitoring services: Bureau Veritas Qualité France and an external analysis laboratory, Eurofins France and Germany.

We are audited every year by these specialised and approved agencies, as well as by our European clients.


EACCE: the Etablissement Autonome de Contrôle et de Coordination des Exportations is a public body placed under the authority of the Moroccan ministries of Agriculture and Marine fishery, of Sustainable Development and of Waters and Forests.

The EACCE’s technical control consists in:

  1. Certifying, on a technical level, the production units, processing facilities, packing and stocking units for agricultural and seafood products presented for export.
  2. Inspecting the agricultural and seafood products presented for export to ensure compliance with the export market’s technical, regulatory and normative legislative requirements.
  3. Guaranteeing that the conformity of the Moroccan products meets the technical, regulatory and normative legislative requirements of international markets.


ONSSA: the ONSSA exercises functions linked to the protection of consumer health for the Moroccan State.

In accordance with the legislation and regulations in force, the ONSSA has the following missions:

  1. Implementing government policy concerning the sanitary security of agricultural products, from raw materials to the final consumer;
  2. Controlling plants and plant products that are imported, on the domestic market and for export.
  3. Controlling food additives, packaging equipment, products and materials that might come in contact food products.


Bureau Veritas: Bureau Veritas is global leader in conformity assessment and certification. It is a trusted partner to its clients, offering services and developing innovative solutions to reduce risks, to improve performance and promote sustainable development.


Eurofins: Eurofins is a global leader in bio analytical testing.