We are members of the Mohamed VI Foundation for research and conservation of the argan tree.


Absim is a member of the Mohamed VI Foundation for research and conservation of the argan tree

The argan plantation has three main functions:

  • Ecological: It is the last barrier against the advance of the desert.
  • Economical: A production of 400,000 steres of wood per year, forage production, production and marketing of cosmetic and cooking oil.
  • Social: the argan plantation generates 25% to 45% of the local population’s income.


The argan tree embodies the perfect symbiosis between Man and Nature.

With its thorny twigs, the argan tree is endemic to Morocco (Argania Spinosa). It can reach a height of 7 meters and a diameter of 12 meters at its crown. The argan tree grows a taproot that can reach a depth of 20 meters and a few meters in width. Its longevity may exceed 250 years. It adapts to all soil types and resists drought. Its fruit is a berry made of one or various kernels separated by a woody cartilage.

One tree produces 10 to 30 kg of fruits.

35 kg of affiachs = 23,5 kg of nuts = 2,3 kg of kernels = 1,10 L of oil = 1 kg of oil


In 2014, UNESCO listed argan and the knowledge around the argan tree as part of humanity’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Absim company committed to the argan exploitation while respecting and protecting the work of the Berber women who are the guarantors of this ancestral knowledge and of the traditions’ transmission.

The nuts are harvested from June to August. After drying the fruits, the process consists in:

  • Cracking the argan nuts
  • Extracting the seed
  • Sorting the kernels



Backpack campaign

Over the past several years, Absim has been offering backpacks to children from the elementary schools of Imintlit and Birkouet at the beginning of each school year. These backpacks are purchased locally and come with full pencil cases (pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, pencil sharpener) and notebooks.

This campaign is intended to make education as accessible as possible.